Spider House Aparthotel Pamporovo

Our guests’ safety is important to us, so our team accepted additional anti-epidemic measures for prevention and control on the territory of the hotel and the adjacent sites, all compliant and by the recommendations of health authorities.

Guest Rules

  • Hand disinfection – mandatory when entering the common areas of hotels, elevators, and restaurants at the indicated places
  • Distance between guests – keep a distance of 1.5 m from other guests and staff
  • Reception policy –comply with access restrictions and the allowed number of guests at the reception on arrival, check-in, or on another occasion
  • Movement in the restaurant – follow the moving directions and access restrictions in the restaurant and outdoor dining areas.
  • Entrance – Exit – use the designated entrances and exits in the dining areas.
  • Elevator – no more than four people can use elevators at once.

Additional hygiene and safety measures

  • Body Temperature – measuring the temperature of all guests, service staff, and suppliers at the entrance of the hotel
  • Disinfection of hotel apartments– daily cleaning and disinfection of hotel apartments and all contact surfaces
  • Disinfection of common areas – regular disinfection of all common areas and surfaces
  • Disinfection of the ventilation system – regular cleaning of the ventilation system and replacement of filters
  • Areas with disinfectants – providing of dispensers with certified disinfectant for Covid-19 at the entrances of the hotel, the restaurant, in front of the elevator, public toilets
  • Floor marking for social distance – stickers are indicating the recommended distance on the floors.
  • Protective barriers reception – safety screens are placed at reception.
  • Protective clothing employees – all hotel staff are equipped with personal protective equipment.
  • Protective materials for guests – face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and surface disinfectants are available at each hotel reception.
  • Quarantine premises – premises have been prepared according to the Ministry of Health’s requirements for the possible quarantine of guests or staff
  • Important contacts – Contact details of local RHI, medical centre, and regional health authorities are placed in a visible place